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Acacia-Composites – your answer to local decking and more

Acacia-Composites – your answer to local decking and more

Outdoor décor devotees have three reasons to be excited: Windhoek company Acacia-Composites helps Namibian farmers get rid of their intruder bush, provides locals with jobs and creates wood/polymer-composite (WPC) products of note. Namibian raw materials, crafted with German precision, become WPC products that will not splinter, fade, warp or attract insects. Perfect for your outdoor lifestyle!

Acacia composites are products like decking, cladding, and battens that are made out of a mixture of wood fibres and an environmentally-friendly polymer created using high-quality recycled plastics.

WPC has many advantages over wood, such as a long lifetime of durability, low maintenance, sustainability, and cost-effectiveness. The only disadvantage in the past was, that everything was imported and thus expensive.

Those days are over. Acacia-Composites has built a modern factory in Southern Industrial Area in Windhoek and has been supplying the European and local markets for some time now. Acacia-Composites focuses on quality, because the Namibian sun is merciless and the European market only accepts quality.

Bodo Crueys, Factory Manager of Acacia-Composites, remarked, “After almost three years of development in Namibia and Europe, we have formulated processes that enable exactly this quality. We use only local chipped timber from de-bushing, combined with recycled plastic and some additives, e.g. UV blockers, imported from Germany. The wood fibres are sourced from farmers’ conservation efforts to remove intruder bush threatening the natural environment of Namibia, and the polymer is created from locally recycled plastic bottles. The collection, sorting, cleaning, and processing of the polymers mean Namibians in need can make a living.

We have built our own in-house laboratory to do continuous quality tests. All the tests in our own Acacia lab and in a laboratory in Germany, show time and again that our product is even better than products from Europe and the USA – and at prices that are lower than US-imported products.

The result is WPC products that are unique: minimal water absorption combined with high UV resistance and high dimensional stability. Our material expands less than any competitor product when heated to 80°C, has a natural look and is available in a variety of colours and finishes."

He added that Acacia-Composites have designs to suit all tastes and can produce the desired colour and board length for larger areas. This is the stuff outdoor enthusiasts dream of – quality underfoot with up to 15 years’ warranty.

We are proud to support Namibia. You could be, too.

Enquire now for your individual decking or other products available from stock in our factory on Von Braun Street in Windhoek.
Acacia-Composites Manufacturers (Pty) Ltd. 5 von Braun Str, Southern Industrial, Windhoek
+264 81 275 5701 | [email protected] | www.acacia-composites.com.na


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