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Design Wize by Pupkewitz - Oct/Nov '22

Any idiot can drive a straight…

Any idiot can drive a straight…

Take a look around your home. Your spaces are square, or rectangular. There are corners everywhere: bookshelves, television, artwork, windows and doors. Isn’t it time to get curvy? Add a little ‘round’ into your world? You know what they say – any driver can handle a straight, but it takes an expert to handle bends.

Let’s embrace curves!

Curves almost instantly create a softness in your home. But there are rules. Remember, too much of anything isn’t good and that includes curves. Also, think about where you want to direct the eye on entering a space – this will give you a good indication of where to apply a curve. And most importantly, the more time something takes to create, the more it will cost.

According to Mishell Wise, a top American interior designer, “psychological research shows that pleasantness is an important dimension for measuring emotion, and our results show that emotion is the key driver of our aesthetic preference for curves”. Simply put, we like stuff curvy. It’s soft and gentle and inviting.

Curves in our homes and spaces create a softness, a sense of warmth and a feeling of ‘welcome here’.

And how do we incorporate curves? An oval or curved-top mirror. A shapely sofa or a round scatter cushion. Curved, mounted shelves. A curvy lightshade or coffee table. Or a tall, curved tap in your kitchen. It is that simple. Curves soften and take away from the drama of angular pieces.
In some format, curves need to be incorporated into an interior in order to create that emotional connectivity. Whether you have curved furniture, even a curvy high-back chair, or whether you do it in styling touches, such as a rounded vase or a curved mirror, curves bring comfort and softness, whether it is conscious or not.

Think arches, even in paint on your walls. Why not accent your bed with a painted arch to complement your existing palette? Select chairs, whether for your high stools or dining-room chairs, that have rounded backs.

Curves work equally as well in a traditional setting as in a contemporary scheme, and try matching classic furniture alongside modern, curved elements. Hard, more formal lines juxtaposed with soft curves tend to work well in any space. Even outside. Round or oval pots with plants will offset any angular entertainment area and paired with an outdoor rug that is either round or oval, or has an oval design, will add that extra gentle, welcome feeling. And why not add a curve to your garden path?

You’re not an angled plank. Why must your space be? Pop into Megabuild and Spectiles and add some ‘voluptuousness’ to your life!


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