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Financial Focus - Dec/Jan 2022

Cancer prevention spans 21 years of hope

Cancer prevention spans 21 years of hope

Thanks to Bank Windhoek, cancer screening has warned many a patient to take early steps in managing the disease. The Bank’s involvement over 21 years points to their focus on sustaining life and hope. Since its inception in 2000, their Cancer Apple Project has become one of Namibia’s major fundraising initiatives and has raised N$ 30.5 million for the Cancer Association of Namibia (CAN), assisting the organisation in fighting the disease.

Despite the challenges experienced in 2020, Bank Windhoek contributed N$ 500,000 toward CAN. “It is the most consistent demonstration that Bank Windhoek is a connector of positive change and an organisation that cares,” said Bank Windhoek’s Managing Director (MD), Baronice Hans.

CAN’s Chief Executive Officer, Rolf Hansen, said CAN relies greatly on the success of the Bank Windhoek Cancer Apple Project, and that the Project has saved many lives. CAN uses funds raised through the Project for its annual outreach programmes and pro-bono cancer screening across all 14 regions. Bank Windhoek has released a documentary highlighting CAN’s annual campaigns fighting cancer in Namibia.

In October 2021, the Cancer Apple Project was revamped and digitalised. Themed “Celebrating 21 Years of Hope”, the Project introduced an e-Apple Platform, offering contributors the option to purchase physical or virtual apples and apple juice. The cost for apples remains N$ 5, the apple juice at N$ 8, and the virtual apples start at N$ 5. Proceeds from the sale of physical apples, juices, and virtual apples will be donated to the Cancer Association of Namibia in March 2022.

MD Baronice Hans said the Bank is proud to launch the e-Apple Platform. She urged the public to support the Project to continue to save lives.

The e-Apple Platform is a web-based application allowing individuals and organisations to support the Project from anywhere in the world. Accessible throughout the year, contributors can purchase on the e-Apple Platform using their debit or credit card. By selecting a preferred branch nationwide, buyers can physically collect their apples or juice.

Rolf Hansen shared that in 2019, the annual average of 3 780 new cancer cases duplicated from the previous year. In the last five years, there has been a steady increase of some 7 percent per year. Currently, more than 54 percent of all Namibian cancers are reported in women. Childhood cancers are also increasing annually.

Supporters may order apples at the following link:

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