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Namibian landscape inspires Candia's designs

Namibian landscape inspires Candia's designs

Candia Design, a new Interior Design company in Windhoek, is passionate about helping clients create their dream interior. Be it a small or large space within a home/shop/office, Candia firmly believes that a re-design need not cost the earth. She can help you create a special space that you will love, by using local materials and design.
Candia had her own soft furnishing business in London for 10 years and trained as an interior designer at the prestigious Chelsea College of Art. She designed and painted fabrics for bedspreads, blinds, cushions and furniture and was regularly featured on the BBC’s ‘go-to’ programme, ‘Changing Rooms’. Having visited Namibia on holiday in 1999, she immediately fell in love with the light, space and the people she met (not least of all her now husband) and has made Namibia her home ever since.

“There is so much potential for creativity, innovation and artistry in Windhoek’s housing market — and all the more so in this current economic climate,” says Candia.
Candia particularly enjoys a challenging brief: she transformed a double garage in Cape Town into a two bedroom cottage, which is light, bright and captures the beautiful views around, and is full of local art work (including her own). Local natural materials were used such as unpolished granite, wood, mirror and glass, so appearing to bring the surrounding landscape inside.

She also designed the “Vintage Clothing” shop on Tal Street with her colleague Jan Grobler, giving it a fun, vibrant vintage feel with a large aquamarine wardrobe painted on the bright yellow wall, galvanized pipe rails suspended from the ceiling to hang the clothes, and mirrors and lighting to enhance the size of the space.
Candia believes there is a lot a person can do to enhance what they already have, to give new life to the dated.
“Try changing your colour scheme, create new windows to make the most of views and natural lighting or cover old furniture in your favourite fabric,” she says. “I was recently on the verge of selling my husband’s dull old office chairs, but then covered them in a bright chitenge fabric from Zambezi and they are now transformed into chic new chairs!”
Candia Design offers free consultations and charges N$250 an hour thereafter. She does SketchUp drawings on the computer, which allows clients to see the space from different angles, with different colours, fabrics and furniture. If you want to make an interior space more attractive for buying, renting, selling, or you just want a change but are stuck for ideas, then Candia Design can help you make that leap of faith into creating a new and exciting space.

Contact Candia Milton Diggle on:
081 347 7314 | [email protected]

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