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Legal Matters - June 2019

City Improvements Districts introduced in Namibia

City Improvements Districts introduced in Namibia

What is a City Improvement District?

City Improvement Districts or CID's, as it is referred to in South Africa, are defined as “a geographic area within which property owners and/or tenants agree to pay for certain services supplementary to those supplied by the Local Authority and which will enhance the physical and social environment of the area”.
The concept was introduced in South Africa as early as 1994. CID's has been implemented under various forms in the Johannesburg metropolitan area as well as in Pretoria and Cape Town and was largely responsible for the inner-city economic growth. In Johannesburg, CID's enjoy the support of the public authorities and have become part and parcel of urban regeneration policies.

Does Namibia have CID's?

Namibia does not have any CID's which have been implemented, but there are two areas which were identified for the first CID's in Namibia. There is a task team, including the City of Windhoek, who have been working on creating a CID in Independence Avenue, with the Hilton Hotel and new FNB head office being the focal point of this CID. The aim, among others, would be to create a bicycle-only lane in Independence Avenue, higher security measures as well as more public spaces.
The other potential CID would form part of the largest township establishment in Windhoek, being that of Ongos Valley. The developers have gone to great length to ensure that this development will be on international green standards and the concept of a CID would assist the developers in maintaining this standard of living for all residents of Ongos Valley.
The potential introduction of CID's in Namibia is an exciting venture and could be a catalyst in ensuring that our major cities become safer and more attractive areas - conducive for business.


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