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Creating Certainty When Selling Your Home

Creating Certainty When Selling Your Home

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Selling your home does not need to create anxiety and stress. Here are the top four factors to consider to ensure a smooth process for all.

Structural compliance
Obtain a compliance certificate. One of the most important factors when selling your home is to ensure all improvements and additions made to your property are compliant with the municipal regulations. As a seller you need to pay the local authorities to inspect your home to confirm whether municipality-approved plans correspond with the built structure. If issues arise, you as the seller will need to make changes in order to receive the compliance certificate. This certificate assures buyers that there won't be any expensive surprises.

Know your data

Setting a realistic price makes negotiations between buyers and sellers easier. You need to know what comparative properties sold for over the past few years, in order to determine the market price. These statistics can be derived from the Deed’s Office. The bank valuation is valuable, but should not be your only data. Explore the prices of homes currently for sale in the market to know what your property is competing against. In today’s market, what a willing and able buyer is willing to pay for your home determines the market price.

Presentation and accessibility
Staging is important for both buyers and sellers. For sellers it increases the chance of selling the property quickly at the best possible price. For buyers it allows them to envision what the property could be and connect emotionally. A staging tip: De-clutter your home, this makes it easier for potential buyers to imagine themselves living there. Be sure to remove any family photos and other sentimental items. Also, accessibility to your property is key when a willing and able buyer wants to view the property. This may make or break the deal.

How the property is marketed makes a difference

It’s advisable to choose an exclusive mandate specialist to market your property. These specialists ensure a more generous budget for well-managed, timely marketing from the agency. The agent gets to know your home intimately and controls viewing access, thus reducing security risks. Sellers are guaranteed the highest possible price in the current market as well as consistency of price versus an auction feel.

Selling or buying a home is your biggest investment. Following these simple steps can create certainty, leading to happy buyers and sellers.

With our team you are in good hands.

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