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Nailed it with Lindie - Oct/Nov 2022

Curve up your cabinets

Curve up your cabinets

I decided to add curves and a coat of paint to my grandmother’s old chest of drawers.

What you will need:
Chalk paint in chosen colours
Clear wax
Black wax (optional)
Plascon Glaze Coat (optional)
Paint brushes
Vinyl stickers (optional)
Drawer knobs
Masking tape
Resin embellishment
Strong glue (i.e. No More Nails)

Here’s what to do:
1. Remove all the drawers from the cabinet.

2. Mask off area if you are using more than one colour (two-tone cabinet). Paint two coats of each colour and remove masking tape once the paint is dry. Reapply masking tape and paint second colour.

3. Glue the resin embellishment onto the desired area and apply two coats of paint.

4. (Ignore this step if you are not applying black wax*.) Apply clear wax on embellishment and add some detail with black wax in between curves.

5. The inside of my drawers have been stained previously, so I added some leftover vinyl stickers from a previous HouseFinder project to spruce it up. Apply 2 coats of clear wax and wait 24 hours to dry completely.

Final look!

*Black wax gives cabinets an antique look.

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