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Garden Focus - Oct/Nov 2022

Curve your way through the garden

Curve your way through the garden

For some reason most people got stuck over the years on rectangular and linear garden designs. This was probably because this was the only way they could imagine the garden fitting into the remainder of the property after construction of the house.

One of the greatest of new garden design trends of 2022 evolved from the last Chelsea Flower Show in the UK: curvilinear garden designs. By introducing interesting shapes to the garden such as curvaceous garden beds, whimsical paths or low walls, boundaries can be softened and create an illusion of space. This design hack can make small urban garden spaces look and feel larger. An outside seating space, cocooned by a low wall, creates a sense of intimacy.

Introducing curves in smaller garden spaces can be difficult, but if done well, can provide a great sense of depth. Curves entice the onlooker’s eyes to follow the undulating lines, bringing a sense of hygge and its calming and relaxing effects. If softer, more organic, fluid shapes appeal to you, imagine how you can make your garden more interesting by connecting different areas to each other, and highlighting focal areas with circles or curved lines.

Plants that can assist in producing rounded shapes and create a more natural-feeling space, are those that can easily be shaped and pruned into curved shapes and round balls complementing your curvilinear design idea. Examples of these shrubs are:

• Buxus sempervirens (Box Elder)
• Syzygium paniculatum (Australian brush-cherry)
• Murraya exotica (Orange Jasmine)
• Duranta erecta 'Sheena's Gold' (Tree forget-me-not)
• Abelia grandiflora (Francis Mason)
• Wisteria rosmarinifolia
• Ligustrum ibota
• Bougainvillea
• Myrtus communis (Myrtle)
• Lavandula x intermedia ‘Margaret Roberts’

Many people would rather prefer to have a more straight forward, practical, linear and rectangular garden. Perhaps this appeals to their sense of control and order – to each his own. For those who can live with a more natural-feeling space, incorporating curves is your answer. With our natural attraction to bodies of water, it is perhaps the idea of a meandering river – or a curved line suggesting such movement – that makes the design relaxing to the eye.

Make sure when incorporating curves into your garden design that there is a purpose, a method to your madness (thanks Shakespeare).Think about how curves add harmony to your garden’s geometry and the architectural style of your property, and you will hopefully never regret making changes.

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