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Make the Connection - Jun/Jul '23

Fibre greatly improves customers' user experience

Fibre greatly improves customers' user experience

Since December 2022, MTC has offloaded close to 150 Spectra customers from Air-Fibre to the newly commissioned fibre services in certain extensions of Kleine Kuppe, Pionierspark, Dorado Park and Long Beach. This intensive capital investment by MTC is to ensure improved quality of service and to offer higher connectivity speeds. Fibre optic allows for MTC to now cater for Spectra Home speeds of up to 75 Mbps*.

The overwhelming success and immediate buy-in of our existing customers to change to fibre prompted MTC to start planning phase 2 to ensure additional customers in other suburbs and towns can look forward to the same excellence very soon.

MTC offered the off-loading free of charge against the same monthly subscription the customer paid for Air-fibre.

Fibre optic internet is often seen as the best option for high-speed internet, as it offers speeds up to ten times faster than DSL and cable internet. Additionally, fibre optic internet is more reliable than both DSL and cable internet due to its resistance to interference from electromagnetic fields and weather conditions.

Other advantages of fibre optic internet connections
Improved reliability – Fibre optic cable internet doesn’t need energized lines, so it’s not as prone to outages as cable internet. As long as the fibre optic cable stays intact, it can keep delivering your bits and bytes even when the lights are out.

Minimized throttling - At peak times, your ISP may lower your cable speed from 100 Mbps to 20 or lower to ration their service. Fibre optic internet speed doesn’t throttle because it’s less susceptible to overload.

Higher quality TV – 4K Smart TVs are the new buzz word. With speeds lower than 75 Mbps other internet technologies may struggle at times to deliver 4K internet streaming. 

Better gameplay – Smooth data flow means you may just win!

Connectivity with multiple devices –The steady signal with less signal loss and 10 times more bandwidth means multiple home devices can connect, thus one subscription can cater for all household family members.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us: [email protected] or visit our website www.mtc.com.na.
You can also call us on our toll-free number 90111 or send us a WhatsApp on 081 150 0100. Our sales team will be ready to assist you with any information you might need.

Standard packages and pricing

Packages Capacity (Mbps) Monthly
Subscription (12 Months)
Monthly Subscription (24 Months) Monthly Subscription (36 Months)
Spectra 5 5 N$ 399.00 N$ 359.10 N$ 339.15
Spectra 10 10 N$ 499.00 N$ 449.10 N$ 424.15
Spectra 15 15 N$ 548.00 N$ 493.10 N$ 465.65
Spectra 25 25 N$ 779.00 N$ 701.10 N$ 662.15
Spectra 35 35 N$ 828.00 N$ 745.10 N$ 703.65
Spectra 50 Home 50 N$ 944.00 N$ 849.50 N$ 802.25
Spectra 75 Home 75 N$ 1,098.00 N$ 988.10 N$ 933.15

*75 Mbps Spectra Home packages only available in areas with optic fibre.

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Manager: Retail Data and Field Services

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