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Nailed It - Feb/Mar 2024

From old photo slides to new lampshade

From old photo slides to new lampshade

Bring happy memories into your home by using your bedside lamp to lighten up old slides. This is a creative way to combine the feeling of nostalgia with modern recycling, plus adding a unique touch to your home décor. May it enhance your wellness.

  • Lamp shade (cylinder shape)
  • Jump rings (big enough to link 2 slides )
  • Old photo slides or negatives

Step 1
Measure the perimeter of the lamp shade to determine the number of slides needed. I used 13 slides around and 3 down. 39 in total.
Drill small holes as follows: 13 slides with 1 hole at the top; 26 slides with 1 hole at the bottom and 1 at the top.

Step 2
Attach the jump rings to the middle slide. Ensure that the pictures are top side up. Attach the top slides to the upper ring of the lamp shade and spread evenly.

If the length of your lamp shade allows for it, you can attach the bottom slide to the bottom ring of the lamp shade – mine were too long.

Happy memories!

Lindie is married to John Loock. She lives in Swakopmund and has three children.
She enjoys crafting and exercising in her spare time.

Lindie Loock

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