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Garden Focus - Dec '22 / Jan '23

Is your garden feeling Home Alone this holiday season?

Is your garden feeling Home Alone this holiday season?

We all need a well-deserved break after an exhausting year and just need to go on a restful holiday. But: Going away means leaving our garden alone.

This may cause many consequences unless you are well prepared. Will your garden be able to survive on its own? If you are a real garden enthusiast and spend a lot of time there, re-think the decision to leave it unattended. With the current inclining cost of water, fertilizer and plants, one should consider the garden a bit more seriously.

Our lawns and plants need regular watering, and if you are not so privileged to have a fully automatic irrigation system, you will have to get someone to do it for you. Sadly, this person does not share the same sentiment and will never be able to care for your garden in the same way you would have.

One does not have to spend a fortune on irrigation systems. If you have a small garden, you can use a small timer connected to your tap and with the power of a battery it will water your garden as well as a large system. Not only does a proper irrigation system save you water in the long run, it also gives you time for other tasks. Why spend all the effort and money in your garden to let it die of heat, drought and neglect? Invest in a proper irrigation system. Keep in mind, the rain season normally starts after we all get back from holiday early January, so we will have to adjust our watering schedule as it gets very hot during December. So have your timer set to water longer or more frequently. Ensure all your micro nozzles are in a working condition and that all parts of your garden get enough water. It is important to still have someone coming in, if only to mow the lawn and check if all the plants are alive.

Do have your lawn mowed every week at least. Leaving your lawn will result in overgrowth and mowing it too late will leave you with a rather yellow and bare lawn which will take ages to recover.

Leaving your garden behind while you holiday, is like leaving your beloved pets home alone. So be kind to your garden and it will treat you with kindness in return.

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