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Go Green with your Interior

Go Green with your Interior

Going green is the buzzword of our time, as “Make love, not war” was of the sixties. Interior designers make it their goal to incorporate eco-friendly principles while keeping up with current trends. Sustainable or green interior design can be implemented in different ways, from deciding which material or products to use, to using them in the least harmful manner.

When considering materials such as wood, wool and stone, keep in mind that these natural resources should be taken care of and used sparsely. Ensure that materials used for decking, furniture and such are extracted in an environmentally responsible way. Wooden material should be FSC-certified, meaning that the materials were harvested in an eco-responsible way.

An example of a renewable and en-vironmentally responsible product, is Eva-Last. This brand manufactures and distributes bamboo-plastic composite products (60% bamboo fibres and 40% recycled plastics). Eva-Last use only recycled and sustainable materials with no harmful chemicals added. This alternative timber is low maintenance and attractive. Eva-Last decking can be bought at Pupkewitz Megabuild Lifestyle.
It is wise to use non-toxic and non-polluting products in our homes. An increasing variety of safe and chemical-free products is available, from organic, hypoallergenic paint to fibres and woods that haven’t been treated with pesticides. Our healthy paint range, Megapaint, is odour free, because of the lack of harmful chemicals. It is also water based, containing no oils.

Interior designers can do much to make a space more energy-efficient. Green buildings incorporate energy-efficient lighting, low energy appliances, and renewable energy technologies such as wind turbines, solar panels and geysers. Heating and lighting are the two most crucial factors interior designers have influence over.
Since most of a building’s heat escapes through windows, they should be of high quality and provide good insulation. Curtains should be able to keep cold air out and insulate hot air. Window coverings, blinds and shades enable residents to control the building’s temperature in an energy-efficient way by opening and shutting them as needed.

Carpets are excellent thermal insulators; according to estimations, a carpet retains as much as 10% of a room’s heat. The Hertex carpet range is perfect for insulating the heat in your space.

Clever interior design can incorporate windows and skylights to maximize the use of daylight and minimize artificial light. When artificial lighting is needed, LEDs, halogens and compact fluorescent light bulbs save energy and last longer. There are various ranges of solar and eco-friendly lighting to be purchased at Pupkewitz Megabuild. Save on the need for artificial light by choosing lighter colours for wall paint and furniture.

Visit Pupkewitz Megabuild Lifestyle for tips from our interior coordinator, Marissa Lochner, on how to make your space sustainable and eco-friendly this Spring.

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