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Design Wize - June/July 2022

Go on, be a drama queen!

Go on, be a drama queen!

Ebony and Ivory is more than a song by Stevie Wonder… it’s a timeless, classic, and stylish approach in interiors. And don’t go thinking monochrome or cold spaces, because it’s anything but that. The experts say that the combination can make any space mesmerising. Think dark wood and ivory accents, or deep, midnight blues with cream, or black and white – with anything in between –literally anything whether it’s a pink scatter cushion accent, a blue throw or bold and colourful design pieces. This is essentially the ideal canvas for any space in your home because everything goes with it.

Accessories are a great because they’re interchangeable. If you feel your black-and-white room looks too monotonous, bring in relief with a few coloured accessories. Alternatively, tone a vibrantly coloured room down with monochromatic elements.

Going ebony and ivory offers you a smorgasbord of options. Accents can be tribal, stripes, checkerboard, geometric, polka dots, or even abstract motifs. Accent a room with a fabulous dramatic Hertex rug from Spectiles, or pick and choose from our range of dramatic wallpapers or tiles to complement your ebony and ivory design. Our experts are waiting to guide you. If you’re not quite that bold, how about a dark lampshade or light fixture from Megabuild? And if you’re really creative, use metal accents which you create yourself (pssst…they’re also at Megabuild). Sound like too much work? Then, it could be as simple as teensy-weensy changes. For example, if you already have neutral curtains, hang them from black rods to create a dramatic effect and carry that through to curtain ties, or black accents on couches, beds or tables. Or, cover that window with a blind… there are a variety of options at Megabuild.

And don’t forget textures…

Leather, faux fur, three-dimensional or raised tiles, textured wallpaper, scatter rugs or throws, and textured fabrics all add a sense of depth and drama to a monochrome room. Use wood or bamboo to add natural, and textured elements.

And that’s not all! Mix periods – jazz up old furniture with a dash of paint. White or black paints will allow your older pieces to blend in seamlessly with the look and feel of your space. Pop into Megabuild and speak to our paint experts to ensure that you’re preparing your pieces well and painting them with the widest variety of options available. Use shades like black, caramel, mushroom, grey or even oatmeal and complement these with some of Namibia’s stunning naturals like seed pods and rocks.

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