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HEP Water offers options galore to Namibian farmers

HEP Water offers options galore to Namibian farmers

HEP Water is the local supplier of Lister-Petter and Premium Plus engines, engine spares, repairs and related services. In addition to the engines, we also offer borehole pumps and accessories from the Franklin and Grundfos ranges, overhauls and repair services.

In line with one of our core values of “Going Green”, HEP Water also offers solar borehole pump solutions to the agricultural and private sectors.

Heat Exchange Products (HEP Water), established in 1998, initially focused on heat transfer, but progressively diversified to provide long-term effective water management solutions to various sectors of Namibia’s market.

Our scope of supply to the agricultural sector includes products and services that address our clients’ water treatment and water transfer needs. This section of our business has grown over time by the addition of companies, such as Valco Pipes cc in 2019 and Aqua Mechanica (previously known as Continental Spares) in 2021.

Namibia, the driest country in Africa south of the Sahara, depends largely on groundwater. According to NamWater, over the past century more than 100 000 boreholes have been drilled and these supply groundwater for industrial, municipal and rural water users. They provide drinking water to man, livestock and game, and irrigation water for crop production, industries and mines.
According to a 2018 UK report*, groundwater provides 15% of the water needed by irrigation farmers, whereas livestock farmers are 83% dependent on groundwater.

HEP Water caters specifically for locations where electricity is scarce or too expensive by offering diesel engines with borehole pumps and solar borehole pump solutions.


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