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Nailed It with Lindie - June 2019

Himmeli Air Plant Holder

Himmeli Air Plant Holder

5 easy steps to this beautiful diamond decoration.

You will need:

  • straws
  • wooden skewer
  • washi tape
  • spray paint
  • cotton string
  • scissors
  • measuring tape

Step 1
Cut straws in desired lengths: 6 x 17cm, 6 x 15cm, 12 x 5cm
*if you prefer to cover your straws with washi tape, do this now. Cut off any excess trim.
*if you prefer to use your diamond as tabletop décor, use thin wire instead of cotton string or brass pipes instead of straws.

Step 2
Tape the end of the cotton string to the sharp edge of the skewer, this will be your needle to thread the straws. Slide two long and one medium straw onto the string. Pull the string tight so that the straws form a triangle and tie a double knot where the two straws meet. Cut off. Tape another string to the skewer.

For the next five sides, simply thread through one of the long straws on the existing triangle (leaving a few inches of thread to tie off with) and add another long and medium straw; tie off as before.

Repeat, rethreading as needed. For the last side, slide the skewer through the two long straws and add the final medium straw; tie off. You should now have a six-sided pyramid.

Step 3
To add the upper trapezoidal sides, thread the skewer through one of the medium straws on the pyramid and add three short straws. Pull tight and tie off. Slide the skewer through the next medium straw, the adjacent short straw, and add two short straws; tie off. Continue to add the rest of the short straws in this way, two short straws at a time, tying off after each. For the last side, slide through the short, medium, and short straws, and then add the final short straw. Tie off. To tidy up the diamonds, use the skewer to push any knots visible at the intersections into the length of the straw.

Step 4
Spray paint the diamond in a well ventilated area. Leave to dry. Make sure to cover the whole diamond. To tidy up the diamonds, use the skewer to push any knots visible at the intersections into the length of the straw.

TIP: If you would prefer to hang them, use string (I used clear thread, but you can use whatever you like) and tie equal lengths to the exposed top intersections of the diamond. Tie these six strings together, and then tie a long piece of string onto this knot. Hang the string to your ceiling. (photo 5 & 6)


Enjoy your beautiful diamond decoration!

Lindie is married to John Loock. She lives in Swakopmund and has three children.
She enjoys crafting, designing and exercising in her spare time.

Lindie Loock


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