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Make the Connection - Aug/Sept 2021

Home connectivity: What do these Internet terms mean?

Home connectivity: What do these Internet terms mean?

Congratulations, you recently upgraded to internet connectivity at home or you may be considering upgrading from mobile internet connectivity to fixed home internet but with all the sales talk and all the ICT jargon in the market, you find it difficult to make up your mind. Let’s look at the various terms you should know before making a decision:

Broadband: How fast is your internet; how quickly can your data be transferred; this becomes significant when determining how fast your connectivity is especially for streaming.

Mbps: Megabits per second; how we gauge internet speeds; this is the data that can be transferred per second.

MBps: Megabytes per second, measures the file size that can be transferred per second.

Download: Is the indication of how quickly information from external sources is received by your router.

Uploads: Is an indication how quickly information is sent from your network to external networks.

Latency: Measures the delay in data transfer. Important indicator of how quickly data gets from its source to its destination. For instance, 50 Mbps with fibre optic or with mobile fixed connectivity will have fewer delays than a mobile connectivity with a mobile 3G- or 4G-network.

The device connecting your private network to the global networks.

Router: The hardware providing the Wi-Fi connection to the various devices on your private network. Most home routers usually have single and dual band routers. It is advisable to request information when applying for a service, to ensure that a dual band router is provided.

Offers wireless internet connectivity, negating the need for devices to connect via hardware. Depending on the router provided, connections can be made via ethernet cable as well. Be sure to enquire from the ISP provider prior to application how many ethernet ports are available on the router that will be supplied.

Ping time: Usually measured in milliseconds, this tells the user how fast a packet travels to the server and back. If the connection doesn’t register the data request for a couple of seconds, then delays may be experienced in your connection.

MTC offers mobile and fixed internet connectivity for your home. To find out more about speeds, prices and where services are available, please visit our website www.mtc.com.na

To find out more about SPECTRA HOME, alternatively please dial our toll-free number 90111 or send us an email to [email protected] so that we may provide an affordable solution for your home and answer all internet connectivity questions you may have, ensuring that you apply for the correct package and solution that suites your needs.

Alan R. Krohne
Manager Retail: Infrastructure and Development

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