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Pool Doctor - Oct/Nov 2022

Jacuzzi – water therapy from way back then

Jacuzzi – water therapy from way back then

Who does not love to relax in a “jacuzzi”, but have you ever wondered where the word “jacuzzi” comes from?

Italian emigrant to California, Giocondo Jacuzzi, founded a company together with his brothers. Some years later his youngest brother Candido noticed that his son benefitted from hydrotherapy.This led to fine-tuning and by the 1970s the traditional ‘jacuzzi’ came into being, with a water and air jet pump, heating and filters.

Today there are hundreds of manufacturers making such “jacuzzis”.

Lic Pool has always imported jacuzzis from SA, and more lately America and specifically the Maax range. After going to overseas exhibitions the Lic Pool team quickly learned that a spa or jacuzzi is not just simply a bath with a few pumps to blow bubbles.

Here are some pointers to help you decide on the best product:

  • Jacuzzis use a lot of electricity to start and to keep the heat at more than 37 degrees. Ask your supplier if the jacuzzi you are buying is insulated. This means a thick layer of polyurethane, or a thick, soft material energy-saving blanket wrapped around the spa.
  • Number of seats. If the spa is going to be used mainly by two people, it is senseless to buy a big 5-seater as your water and energy costs will be higher than your enjoyment.
  • Placement of the different types of nozzles for your specific need.
  • Sitting position. Not all spas are comfortable. We normally suggest to our clients that they get into the dry spa and test if they feel comfortable.
This is especially important if buying a smaller spa.

MAAX® Spas in America export their jacuzzis all over the world and are innovators when it comes to this technology. That’s why we prefer importing their brand as we can sell it with great confidence. As you can see from the above this is a complex topic with a very rich history which led to its development.

A decent spa is not merely a bath with a fountain making bubbles somewhere. Best idea would be to email us at [email protected] or visit our showroom and make an appointment to allow us to share all the interesting information about this beautiful product.

Until next time.

Burgert Terblanche

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