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Make the Connection - Jun/Jul '24

Let’s Talk Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

Let’s Talk Fiber to the Home (FTTH)

MTC’s aggressive fiber roll-out is now affording customers the opportunity to connect to the latest technology for home and business. Our fiber infrastructure investment ensures improved quality of service, upscaling connectivity services to 75Mbps from as little as N$ 933.15 for the highest package. Existing Spectra customers connected to Point to Multipoint (PTMP) services are prioritised in new fiber areas, allowing them to enjoy free offloads from PTMP to fiber at no extra cost.


What is Fiber to the Home (FTTH)?
It is fiber all the way from the MTC backbone in your suburb, right into your house. This makes download speeds of up to 75Mbps possible, giving you a truly “connected” home. FTTH can seamlessly replace your Netman Home or Spectra PTMP connection and is less susceptible to interference, offering a more reliable and stable service.

What is required in and around my home?
MTC will install an Optical Network Termination (ONT) Unit the size of a conventional 4G or Spectra router in your home which will require an AC power socket. We will need to connect the ONT to our fiber network via a “drop” fiber cable. If your area has an underground distribution network, you will need to provide access to your yard for a duct from the boundary to your house. If you live in a complex or a flat, permission will be required from the body corporate.

Quality of Service
MTC provides the Open Access FTTH service on a best-effort principle and does not offer guarantees on uptime or SLAs on repairs. Our 24-hour call centre and dedicated helpdesk continuously monitor all network elements and attend to network incidents on a 24/7 basis. When experiencing an interruption, contact our call centre first and they will determine where the fault lies. They will then hand it over to our technical team if necessary.

Be on the lookout for our next article as we share more information on FTTH.

Standard packages and pricing:
Packages 12 Months 24 Months * 36 Months *
Spectra 5 Mbps
N$ 399.00
N$ 359.10
N$ 339.15
Spectra 10 Mbps
N$ 499.00
N$ 449.10
N$ 424.15
Spectra 15 Mbps
N$ 549.00
N$ 494.10
N$ 466.65
Spectra 25 Mbps
N$ 779.00
N$ 701.10
N$ 662.15
Spectra 35 Mbps
N$ 829.00
N$ 746.10
N$ 704.65
Spectra 50 Mbps
N$ 945.00
N$ 850.50
N$ 803.25
Spectra 75 Mbps *
N$1 099.00
N$ 989.10
N$ 934.15
*Spectra 75Mbps available on Fiber only

Packages include free installation (24 and 36 months only) and unlimited data usage on all packages. For more information, visit www.mtc.com.na or contact our sales team via our WhatsApp number: 081 150 0100.

Alan R. Krohne
Manager: Retail Data and Field Services


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