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Letter from the Editor, HouseFinder Magazine Namibia - Apr/May 2023

The Frightening Road

The Frightening Road

Dear Reader

When you take the route from Windhoek to Swakopmund, you need to be very brave and have bold nerves of steel. This was recently confirmed to me during a trip to the coast.

We have been driving that road for several years, but glory be! I haven't experienced so many narrow escapes in a long time – in only 3.5 hours.
I watched the umpteenth heavy truck in front of us. His left rear wheel was almost off the road, as there is not enough space – that road is simply too narrow. And the drivers! So many heavy vehicles in a row took chances by overtaking others.

Absolutely frightening.

I opened Google to read Road Authority’s Strategic Plan up to and including 2023. Nothing to be seen regarding the upgrading of this route. Considering the number of vehicles that regularly travel on it, should this road not be a priority?
However, the new road between Windhoek and Okahandja is only progressing by fits and starts. (Will Covid get the blame here too?) Today I appeal to the RA, on behalf of thousands of road users between Usakos and Swakopmund who I believe will be glad there is a voice crying out: Can we please make this road a priority, with enough lanes for heavy and normal traffic?

When I look at all the crosses denoting deaths along that road, we dare not be silent any longer.

In hierdie uitgawe fokus ons op Dulux se verfkleur van die jaar – wat hulle noem Wild Wonder™. Ná die wilde rit af kus toe, moes ek wonder wanneer sal mens dan ooit weer lekker kan afry see toe. Maar nou ja, intussen kan mens ons woon- en werkplekke met Dulux se kleure verfraai en só die stres probeer besweer.

"Be merciful to me, Lord, for I am in distress; my eyes grow weak with sorrow, my soul and body with grief." Psalm 31:9 (NIV)

Gerty Basson

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