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Pool Doc - Dec/Jan 2023

Make family time super pool times

Make family time super pool times

Every year, November brings hot days and the build up to promising thunderstorms, a clear indication to our subconscious mind that summer is here. The highlight for most of us, is the December holiday or at least the feeling of things slowing down. Wherever you are in Namibia, chances are there will be a swimming pool in the background when pictures of you and loved ones are posted on Facebook.
If you are receiving guests over the holidays and a party/family gathering is planned around the pool, it would be wise to keep the following in mind:
The laughter of kids is enough to cheer up the grumpiest person and therefore it is always a good idea to make sure the kids enjoy the pool. That will allow us to sit down, sip a cold one and chill… Or surprise those in the pool with an unexpected water bomb.

  • Start at least 7 days before the guests arrive to make sure the water balances are in order. (Or contact the Lic offices for our teams to assist). Remember many pictures will most probably be taken in and around the pool.
  • If you have pool heating, set the timer to allow the water to become +- 29 degrees. A warm pool can keep kids occupied for hours and it makes entering the pool a lot more pleasant for the older generations.
  • Make sure the pool light works. This makes the pool stand out at night.
  • Set the pump timer to run for longer hours to ensure proper filtration of the water.
  • After the use of the pool during the day, add some extra chlorine to help sanitize the water.
  • Tennis balls, or bigger plastic balls are simple things which can be a source of great entertainment.
  • Water slides available from Lic pool will ensure big cheers from all.
  • Remember pool safety. It is always wise to invest in a floating device for smaller children.
  • A normal tube from a car or small truck is cheap but can lead to endless fun in the pool.
  • Take the pool cleaner out of the pool when swimming. They usually end up getting damaged.
  • If you have a water feature running into the pool, make sure it works. The sound of running water is very relaxing.
  • I know our animal friends love swimming, but dog hair places a huge burden on the filtration equipment of the pool.
Swimming pools are designed for fun. Let’s go for that and enjoy our swimming pool to the fullest this summer.
Until next time: Burgert Terblanche

Burgert Terblanche

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