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Nailed it with Lindie - June/July 2022

Make your own Ebony and Ivory coasters

Make your own Ebony and Ivory coasters


• Ceramic or porcelain tiles (plates, mugs can also be used)
• Sharpie permanent marker or ceramic marker
• Soft/graphite pencil
• Printed artwork (optional)


  1. Wash and dry your tiles to remove any dirt and grime. If you prefer to draw freehand on your plate or tile, skip to Step 4. Print your design to match the size of your plate or tile.
  2. Colour the back of your design with the pencil, be sure to cover the entire design. This is to create a transfer onto your tile in the next step (or use tracing paper).

  3. Flip your paper with the coloured side onto the tile. (When tracing the image on top of the paper, the image will be transferred to your tile.) Now trace over it. Lift the corners without moving the design to peep whether it copied visibly.

  4. Trace your design with the Sharpie or ceramic marker – I rotated my tiles to ensure my hand doesn’t smear the marker.

  5. Let it dry for 4 hours. Place the tiles in the oven at 160°C for 90 minutes. Do NOT preheat the oven! The design should be dishwasher safe.

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