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Cover your Life - Jun/Jul '23

MAXIMISE YOUR FINANCIAL REWARDS with the Cash Back Benefit from Hollard

MAXIMISE YOUR FINANCIAL REWARDS with the Cash Back Benefit from Hollard

Being financially secure gives us peace of mind. Thus, having a cashback benefit on your Hollard life insurance policy is a great way to reap financial rewards.

Hollard's MyLife Cash Back pays 20% of the total premium as a cashback to the policy-holder after a 5-year term. This feature can be extremely beneficial in multiple ways.

The Hollard Cash Back Benefit not only helps you save money in the long run, but also gives you the financial freedom to pay off future premiums or invest in other financial products, thus reducing your overall expenditure on insurance. Moreover, the cashback acts as an added incentive to reward you for sticking to your financial plan and keeping your cover intact.

The cashback feature provides financial security to policyholders. Knowing that a percentage of the premium paid will be returned after 5 years can be reassuring, especially during times of financial difficulty. It can act as a safety net, allowing you to cover unexpected expenses without having to deplete savings or take on debt.

You can use this financial boost to:
•Pay future premiums
•Fund a child’s education
•Pay off debt
•Save for emergencies
•Plan travel or leisure activities

The cash-back benefit on Hollard’s life insurance policies offers multiple benefits that can help you save money, provide financial security and accumulate savings.

Get back 20% of your premium with Hollard's MyLife Cash Back Benefit after 5 years.
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