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Meet the Agency

Meet the Agency, DNC Property Shop

Meet the Agency, DNC Property Shop

For many of our readers who do not know, the letters DNC in DNC Property Shop stand for the initials of the three partners, Dina, Ndahafa and Caroline. Theirs is an equal share partnership established in 2013. They have five licensed real estate agents working together: Zandre Nel, Colleen Mukuyu, Nicole Fredericks van Wyk, Buruxa Owos-Oas and Yolanda van Rooyen.

What motivates you as agents to continue working in this industry?
There is nothing more satisfying than serving a happy client. It makes it worth it every day. We have formed bonds over the years with our clientele.

What do you foresee for the property market in Namibia in the near future?
The market has changed considerably in the last three years, and it is still a buyers-market and great opportunity for investors, as prices have dropped considerably. The rental market is still very busy, and we can see a slight incline in rental prices and demand. It seems that more people will be able to afford to own property.

How should a real estate agent handle criticism in this industry?
If criticised, rectify whatever is needed and refrain from such a situation in the future. The goal is to grow and become a better version of yourself personally and professionally.

What do you think is the most important trait of a successful agent in our times?
Excellent service will always be the number one priority. Also know your market, market-related pricing and demand. The agent must be driven and determined.

Are you currently working on any special developments?
We are currently busy with two big developments:
Rocky Crest Ext 4: Sole mandate to sell affordable erven in a new suburb:
It is a PPP project between Otweya Development and City of Windhoek. Erven are sold on the close bidding process and there are 231 single residential, 19 general residential, 22 business and 2 institutional erven.
Three developers are offering 16 different house designs to go with the acquired plot, hence providing plot & plan to the end-user to make it affordable.
Seven years from now Rocky Crest Ext 4 will be a big functional suburb with housing for 10 000 Namibians with schools, a shopping centre, filling station and community recreation parks.
Otjomuise Ext 10: This development by Calgrokuumba offers affordable housing on plot & plan basis. It is a gated community living concept, also with school, shopping centre & the biggest youth sport field in Windhoek. We will register the first phase by end April 2020.

If you could give a seller any tips to make sure their property sells fast, what would that be?
Obtain a valuation and study the market-related price range in your area. Declutter, paint and fix where needed.

Ask and take advice from your realtor. That’s why we are here.

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