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Spectiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild - Aug/Sep 2020

Miles of Tiles - Spectiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild

Miles of Tiles - Spectiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild

Tiles have always been an interior design essential, setting the look and feel of living spaces. Gone are the days when they were just a building material; tiles are now used to create a desired ambience with a myriad of styles, colours, textures, and shapes to choose from. Like everything else in the world, technology is revolutionizing the tile industry. The latest technology has allowed for remarkable possibilities in digital printing, from high-quality floor tiles that resemble natural materials such as wood and marble, to sophisticated tiles that seem to gradually change colour, depending on the light and the angle you are looking from.

SpecTiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild offer the following:

Modernized marble

Marble has had a massive revival over the past couple of years and has adapted to contemporary styles. These luxurious designs create an elegant space.

Buy Namibian marble and marvel at having a local brand in your home. Whether you need a backsplash to your pure white free-standing bath or an unpolished edged vanity top, visit our showroom for exciting and inspiring options.

Return of colour and large patterns

Bright colours and bold patterns are making a comeback in interior design, both for floors and walls. Thanks to the latest technology in ceramic and porcelain glazes, pinks are now brighter, blues are bolder, and greens are deeper. Colourful tiles add a punch of personality to spaces in an entirely new way.

Previous tile designs were more simplistic and minimalist. Modern designs are big and bold patterns that instantly catch the eye. Add large pattern tiles as an accent piece to a modest space and turn it into a true work of art.
Find the Deco Bella patterned tiles at the SpecTiles showroom to create individual and defined spaces.

Wood-look reinvented

The wood-look is a staple in interior design. The latest technology offers wood-looks in a revitalized and refreshed way. This timelessly stylish natural material is suitable for all interior design projects.

For a natural refined wood-look, explore the wide range of tiles at SpecTiles.

Large scale tiles

Large scale tiles create a clean look and have the ability to make any space look bigger. They open up new perspectives for modern projects. They make dramatic statements and are suitable for walls and floors.

SpecTiles offer an exclusive range of European imports on supersized tiles and offer professional support and installation guidelines, as working with oversized tiles is an art.

Industrial chic

With vintage and salvaged materials, you can achieve the industrial look. For a touch of chic artfulness, try concrete and stone tile options.

SpecTiles by Pupkewitz Megabuild

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