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MTC Review - Aug/Sept 2022

Happiness is a MTC Spectra 50 connection

Happiness is a MTC Spectra 50 connection

No matter where you live in Namibia, you would all agree that a good internet connection is part of what pleases us. That is why we decided to give you some feedback from clients who installed the MTC Spectra and the experience they have with it.

Our client is a 29-year-old male residing in Pionierspark, Windhoek.

What or who influenced your decision to sign up for MTC Spectra Home?
I was on one of the MTC NetMan prepaid packages and it made sense for me to upgrade to Spectra as I work from home and wanted fast, uncapped internet.

What was your experience before you had MTC Spectra Home?
The internet speed was fine for work most of the time, but it was almost impossible to play online games. The 120 gig cap was also not ideal as I had to turbo boost a lot.

How many MBPS did you sign up for and for what period?
I signed up for 50 MBPS for 24 months.

What are your top 3 uses for having a good internet connection?
Yes, 100%. I would definitely take the 50 Mbps again.

Do you check your incoming and outgoing Mbps and are they as expected?
The most important reason for having a good connection is definitely my work. I also love playing video games online and watching a good movie or series on Netflix every now and then.

At the end of this contract would you sign up again? With the same package?
I will most likely sign up for the same package again, unless there are upgraded packages by then.

Do you check your incoming and outgoing MBPS and are they as expected?
I test my internet speed every now and then, and usually I am quite happy with it. There are times when it is a bit slower, but most of the time it is 40 MBPS and more.

Are you connected via mobile or fixed services?
I am connected via fixed services.

During this whole process, what were the pros and cons for you?
After signing up for Spectra, it took a bit longer than a month for MTC to do a site inspection, probably due to a shortage of stock if I remember correctly. The installation was about a week after the site inspection. The installation was very neatly and professionally done, faster than I expected it to be. After the initial installation, my internet speed was more or less half of what it should be, but the site inspector again quickly fixed it. The satellite had been facing the wrong tower. After that I never had problems with my internet again and I am still very happy with it as we speak. The only downside to having Spectra is that it is not portable, but the pros definitely outweigh the cons. It is great to have fast download and upload speeds and I love the fact that I don’t have to worry about reaching my cap limit. I am a happy customer.

Would you recommend this service to others?
Yes, I have recommended it to my friends, clients and family (and will continue doing so).

Do you want to follow in our client’s footsteps? Get connected to MTC Spectra Home and apply via the MTC website (https://mtc.com.na/spectra) and click on “Preapprove Application” at the bottom of the page to get the process started.

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