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MTC Review - Jun/Jul '24

MTC Spectra Home Review

MTC Spectra Home Review

No matter where you live in Namibia, you would all agree that a good internet connection is part of what pleases us. That is why we decided to give you some feedback from clients who installed the MTC Spectra Home and the experience they have with it.

Our client is a young couple residing in Windhoek.

What or who influenced your decision to sign up for MTC Spectra Home?
We chose MTC Spectra Home due to the convenience of not requiring a cable for installation, which is ideal because we live in a complex.

What was your experience before you had MTC Spectra Home?
We did not have other Wi-Fi before.

What are your top four requirements for having a good internet connection?
Consistent internet speed, good customer service, security, quality router.

What was the process involved in getting MTC’s Spectra Home?
I made a call to MTC; they soon had us signed up. It was an easy and effortless process.

At the end of this contract would you sign up again? With the same package?
We are quite satisfied with this current connection, but I'm open to exploring options when my contract is up for renewal. Perhaps, when I sign up again, I could upgrade to a 50 Mbps line to accommodate our future needs.

Do you check your incoming and outgoing Mbps and are they as expected?
I frequently monitor the incoming and outgoing Mbps, and I'm extremely pleased with the consistency and that they are spot-on. It's reassuring to know that we can rely on a stable and reliable connection for our online stuff.

Are you connected via mobile or fixed services?
Fixed services.

During this whole process, what were the pros and cons for you?

Reliability: We consistently have reliable internet access without frequent dropouts or interruptions.
Speed: The megabits per second meet our current needs, meaning we have smooth browsing, streaming, and gaming.
Stability: My Wi-Fi signal remains stable even during peak times, and that was what we had aimed for.
Ease of use: Setting up and managing our Spectra is straightforward, so it is easy to maintain and troubleshoot.
Compatibility: We are able to use many devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, and can now consider getting smart home devices.

Coverage Area: The coverage area of my Spectra is limited, and there are weak signals or dead zones in certain areas of our home.

Would you recommend this service to others?
I would definitely recommend MTC Spectra Home to others. My experience with Spectra has been consistently positive: reliable, fast and easy to use. People looking for a dependable internet connection can give MTC Spectra Home a shot.

Do you want to follow in our client’s footsteps? Get connected to MTC Spectra Home and apply via the MTC website (https://mtc.com.na/spectra) and click on “Preapprove Application” at the bottom of the page to get the process started.


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