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Nailed It with Lindie - Dec '22 / Jan ' 23

Time out with an old book

Time out with an old book


Hardcover book (Thick enough to accommodate the clock mechanism)
Clock mechanism (Source it from any craft shop)
Craft knife
Hand-held drill
Measuring tape/ruler

Step 1

Measure and mark the centre of the book. (I measured the empty space below the title).

Step 2

Drill a hole on the front cover big enough to accommodate the clock hands' mounting. Measure as you drill to ensure it is not too big.

Step 3

Mark the centre on the first page of the book, through the hole on the front cover. Trace around the mechanism.
The cavity should be only wide enough that the mechanism fits snugly.

Step 4

  • a)This is the hard part! Start cutting a few pages at a time. (Keep the first cut-out for future measurements).
  • b)As you turn the pages, keep the cut pages at a right angle to prevent pages shifting, especially if it is a thick book.
  • c)Re-measure with the cut-out to ensure the template is still the same size.
  • d)When you find that the pages start crumbling or tear, replace the blade.
  • e)Insert the mechanism to determine if the cavity is deep enough - there should be enough room for the hands to clear the numbers.

Step 5

Glue only some sections of pages together.


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