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Nailed It with Lindie - Feb/March 2023

Sun-painted* fabric serviettes

Sun-painted* fabric serviettes

Gather your supplies:

  • Plastic sheet to protect your surface
  • Sunpaint (Available at craft stores; I bought mine at Art Stop in Swakopmund)
  • Sponge brush
  • Fabric item (100% cotton)
  • Solid objects i.e. stencils, flowers, leaves – which will become your end-result pattern
    (I used a combination of flowers, leaves and metallic die-cuts)

Step 1

Rinse your fabric item in water and wring dry. Press flat on the plastic sheet.

Step 2

Pour the paint on while the fabric is still damp. Spread with the paint brush if necessary.

Step 3

Place the solid objects/stencils on the paint while it is still wet.

Remove the objects when the paint is completely dry.


Iron the fabric at 160°C without steam.
Rinse in cold water after 24 hours. This will soften the fabric too.

Lindie’s Tips:

Ensure that the area where you work, is free of objects that may cast a shadow on your project.
Wait for a calm, sunny day unless you have an indoor, sunny area.

* Sun-painting: Special paints are applied to fabric and, while still wet, objects like stencils, leaves, feathers etc are placed onto the paint. When dried, the outlines of the objects make lovely designs on the fabric.

Lindie Loock

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