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Featured Articles - Oct/Nov 2020

ONGOS VALLEY Quality homes at your city within a city

ONGOS VALLEY Quality homes at your city within a city

When you meet up with the promoters of ONGOS VALLEY, you quickly realise that this is not a small-scale project. This city development will take place in phases and will ultimately have 28,000 mixed-type homes. In addition, it will also include more than 20 schools, numerous malls, service stations, businesses and institutions. The proverbial city within a city. What many people do not know, is how close ONGOS VALLEY is to the city – a mere 14 kilometres from Windhoek’s central business district, in practical terms similar to Kleine Kuppe.

What are the real advantages of living in ONGOS VALLEY, apart from the close distance to Windhoek?
Ongos Valley will be a transformative housing community that will change the face of Windhoek’s residential landscape. ONGOS VALLEY is set to be a ‘Green City’ thus taking advantage of the latest in sustainable approaches in construction and energy management.
Life in ONGOS VALLEY will consist of a vibrant ecosystem of public, private and commercial spaces designed around walk-able residential nodes (everything you need within a 1km radius – work, schools, shops).

In line with global trends, there will be a pre-installed fibre connection to each household, and solar energy will be harnessed to the benefit of all residents.

What types of houses are being built at ONGOS VALLEY and can clients customize their homes?
We have three types of homes you can purchase: apartments, free-standing homes, and single residential homes. Sizes range from 1 to 5-bedroom options with your choice of interiors and finishes. There are also many modular options available which means a client can choose a core-unit today, and then expand their home over time as their income or needs increase.

Please explain the process a buyer will go through when applying for a house at ONGOS VALLEY.
ONGOS VALLEY has simplified the process by introducing a first-of-its-kind one-stop-shop called our Sales Hub. Our consultants will assist with the complete process – from selecting your perfect home, to applying for a home loan (all major banks are represented at the Hub), to life cover and short-term insurance. Visit us at the c/o Andes & Kreuzberg Streets (behind Novel Ford), Monday to Saturday, for detailed information and a consultation.

Can a prospective buyer view a show house and when?
Currently, we are busy with extensive bulk services (water reservoirs, treatment plants, roads, etc.), and the first show houses should be ready by November. However, the Sales Hub does have 3D models available for viewing as well as detailed drawings and artistic impressions.

When will the first shops and malls be erected at ONGOS VALLEY?
Shops and malls will be erected in a phased approach as buyers move in, starting with basic shops, service stations, and ultimately multi-level malls like elsewhere in Windhoek.

Please explain the access roads serving this new development.
Four access roads are envisioned for ONGOS VALLEY: Monte Christo Road, upgraded to a dual-carriageway, Otjomuise Road via the Daan Viljoen Road, plus two new roads from the B1 and Daan Viljoen Road.

Who are the contact persons who will aid prospective buyers at ONGOS VALLEY?

Clients can contact our Sales Hub on 083 388 3388, [email protected], or you can sms your name and email address to 99 000 and we’ll get in touch.

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