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Pool Doctor - Dec/Jan 2022

Swimming pool designs – do they matter?

Swimming pool designs – do they matter?

It’s hard to imagine that you have to consider “sustainability” when thinking about a pool.

Namibia is a country well-known for various things and it is a fact that droughts and very hot weather are just two of them. It is hard to imagine that this needs to be part of our decision-making process when choosing a pool.

When choosing a pool, remember the following:

  • Water quality: Namibia is renowned for its “hard” water. This means water with high pH levels. In pools with high pH levels, the background pool colour is very important. A darker pool will very soon show white marks at the water level of the pool. If not cleaned regularly, this can be virtually impossible to remove, and your “show-stopper” pool will soon look neglected.
  • Size of the pool. The biggest possible pool has various benefits however, in times of water scarcity, it can be costly to keep it filled. A high electricity bill is also associated with a big pool as a bigger pool pump is needed to ensure adequate water circulation.
  • Surely you can’t go wrong with a small pool? Well, you can. Firstly in terms of safety: Too small a pool means kids can get hurt when growing up and jumping into the pool. Secondly, balance your designs: It is very important to match the pool size you choose with the size of the house where it is to be installed. It is important that the pool contributes to the value of the property.
  • Finishing touches to the pool. Choose wisely what type of material encircles your pool – you want to be able to sit alongside the pool without burning your buttocks. Also, pool copings made from cement will not be suitable for a salt pool. The salt water is so corrosive that within some 5 years you may need to replace the pool copings.
  • Shape of the pool. A curved pool looks beautiful on the internet in places with high rainfall. In Namibia a pool cover is a must-have. Although fitting a cover on a curved pool does not look difficult initially, I am very sure it will soon become very frustrating to fit all the hooks.

So yes… It is a life of choices and there are numerous aspects to keep in mind to ensure your pool choice is sustainable. I recommend visiting us at Lic Pools and let us work with you to tailor-make a package that will best work for you.

Until next time.

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