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Training for aspiring decorators

Training for aspiring decorators

The Potchefstroom Academy in South Africa offers a variety of career-oriented qualifications, of which the Higher Certificate in Interior Design and Decoration (NQF Level 5) is of particular interest to our readers. It is a two-year part-time correspondence course for students with an interest in decorating interior spaces. Typically, such students long to expand their knowledge about decorating their own homes or wish to formally enter the decor industry. This course provides them with the principles and trends of decorating in a very practical manner.
The course material is presented in a series of individual modules. Study notes are presented, followed by assignments submitted by the students. Four optional interactive contact sessions throughout the two years of study are presented at the Potchefstroom campus on Saturdays. This enables working students to interact with other enrolled students with similar interests.
Industry and syllabus-related matters aimed at understanding the modules’ content are presented. Students are encouraged to converse on digital discussion platforms; further their own studies by means of research; attend industry talks initiated by the African Institute of Interior Design Professions (IDD) and attend industry expos. This teaching system is based on the principle of one-on-one communication between student and lecturer from the comfort of their own home. Students are exposed to various aspects of interior decorating including the planning and application of various materials and finishes.
As interior spaces play a major role in our everyday lives, time spent at home/in an office or public area should be engaging, comfortable and affordable. Course participants learn how to incorporate the client’s needs aesthetically on a budget. Decorators address such aesthetics by manipulating wall finishes, adding suitable window treatments, placing decorative accessories, evaluating natural/artificial lighting, floor finishes and suitable furniture layout to promote the functionality of interior spaces. The available budget would naturally influence any vision for proposed areas.
Excellent communication skills, and the ability to combine their vision and budget will aid students towards becoming successful home decorators. Being well-informed of the latest design trends, fabrics and styles is vital when networking with clients and keeping them keen on making use of their services.
Completing this qualification enables students to apply their competency as colour coordinators, showroom décor or window treatment consultants, or visual merchandisers.
Students who wish to progress to a more comprehensive career in interior design use this qualification as a platform towards more detailed studies at the Potchefstroom Academy by following the three-year full-time Diploma in Interior Design (NQF level 6).

Mrs. Tina Schöltz has been the director and founder of Potchefstroom Academy since 1981.
You can find further details about Potchefstroom Academy at:
www.potchacademy.co.za or call +27 18 294 9005.

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