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MTC Review - Aug/Sep '23

Ultimately satisfied client speaks out

Ultimately satisfied client speaks out

No matter where you live in Namibia, you would all agree that a good internet connection is part of what pleases us. That is why we decided to give you some feedback from clients who installed the MTC Spectra and the experience they have with it.

Our client is a male person who stays in Kleine Kuppe and he and his wife enjoy watching films. The use their bandwidth for Netflix, downloading, e-mails and YouTube.

What or who influenced your decision to sign up for MTC Spectra Home?
Air wifi at the time was faster than Netman/ZTE pocket wifi devices. It made sense to swop over to Spectra.

What was your experience before you had MTC Spectra Home?
Too much buffering with Netflix/downloads. We all know how frustrating that can be, but fortunately Spectra runs smoothly.

How many MBPS did you sign up for and for what period?
25 MBPS for 1 year and then upgraded to 35 MBPS.

What are your top uses for having a good internet connection?
Downloading movies. That’s where our passion lies.

What was the process involved in getting MTC’s Spectra Home?
Application online, they came and checked our signals where we lived and then did the installation.

At the end of this contract would you sign up again? With the same package?
Yes, it fulfils our need.

Do you check your incoming and outgoing MBPS and are they as expected?
Yes, I do from time to time and the speed is as expected.

Are you connected via mobile or fixed services?
MTC offered a fibre installation to upgrade the fixed Spectra service.

During this whole process, what were the pros and cons for you?
The only con was that fibre is fixed and cannot be transferred to another property.

Would you recommend this service to others?
Yes, without a doubt. Excellent!!

Do you want to follow in our client’s footsteps? Get connected to MTC Spectra Home and apply via the MTC website (https://mtc.com.na/spectra) and click on “Preapprove Application” at the bottom of the page to get the process started.


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