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Make the Connection - June/July 2022

Vital security tips for your Spectra Home connection

Vital security tips for your Spectra Home connection

Congratulations, you have taken the first step towards affordable connectivity with MTC Spectra Home. We trust you are enjoying the experience and with the winter looming, endless winter days of binge watching are just a click away.

While you are enjoying your new connectivity, kindly be alert to the security of your device and your Wi-Fi signal. Your home might have a range of wireless devices connected to your Spectra Home router.

These devices can range from security cameras, smart TV’s, appliances, phones, and tablets. You need to take some basic steps to limit the probability of your devices getting hacked.

Your Wi-Fi network is your home’s wireless internet connectivity, sending a signal through the air from your router. Your devices use this signal to connect to the internet, but if your home network is not password-protected, any unauthorized users or devices can potentially connect to your device.

The advantage of Wi-Fi is that you can connect to the internet wireless, however the disadvantage is that unprotected networks can give hackers and unauthorized users access to see what you are doing online and even expose your personal information.
Unauthorized users may even use your open network to commit a crime by sending illegal spam and these activities can be traced back to your IP address.

To secure your home network, follow a few simple rules:

  1. Encrypt your network; this will scramble the information making it harder for people to get your personal information. You can do this by simply changing the settings on your router to WPA3 Personal or WPA2 Personal, WPA3 is the newer version and best encryption available.
  2. Change your router’s password, never use the default password indicated on the bottom of your router or on the box. Your router has two passwords, and it is highly recommended that you change both – the first is your Wi-Fi password and the second is the router admin password that gives you access to your router settings.
  3. Password security, once your password is changed also remember to regularly change your password and teach your children to keep your Wi-Fi password a secret.
  4. Guests may sometimes need access to your Wi-Fi; to accommodate these users set up a guest network with a different name and password. This will increase your network security two-fold: It will expose your primary password to fewer people and in case the guests (knowingly/unknowingly) have malware on their phone or tablet, the malware won’t get onto your primary network and devices.

Keep safe and enjoy your MTC Spectra Home connectivity. For affordable home and business connectivity, visit the MTC website www.mtc.com.na or contact us on 90111.

Alan R. Krohne
Manager Retail: Infrastructure and Development

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