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Pool Doctor - Feb/Mar '24

Water features – do it right the first time

Water features – do it right the first time

Water in nature can easily mesmerize us. Think of how we drive out to see rivers flowing after the big rains in Namibia. That interconnectedness we have with water is crucial for our wellness.

With water features in our homes and gardens, we try and capture the sound and the lively nature of water right there in our space. Do it right and it is worth every penny.

I cannot stress enough how important planning is before running off to buy or build a water feature. The design must complement the style of your house and the surrounding area. A good place to start is an unused, “dead” corner inside the house. A darker backdrop can be good (the canvas), provided you have small lights at strategic places. With the lights we try to pick up the liveliness of the water. Plants add to the picture and bring not just another colour, but also aid in keeping the water clean. The choice of plants is very important.

Some people try to combine fish with water features. Be careful as fish need a place to hide and a shallow holding tank with water rushing into it, is as good as torturing the fish.

Fish can also be messy and if you are not geared for an ecological water feature, I would certainly not go this route.

Next is one of the most important aspects: the sound the water feature makes. Big and loud can soon become very irritating, especially inside a house. At LIC Pool we can help you with a 2-stage pump set up to mimic different water flow rates.

A so-called “wet wall” is also a winner, as you can use any backdrop and clad it with whatever cladding. Wet walls are also not noisy and can be altered to complement most houses.

As a garden feature, consider erecting a small water pillar which sprouts foamy water – sure to be a good choice for bringing life to any party.
Here is an example of a “blade” water feature used in combination with fish. The pond is deep enough to allow the fish place to hide. The blade is also not too high and thus noise is dampened.

The subject of water features is so extensive that it warrants a chat over a cup of coffee. My suggestion, as always, is to come and see us at LIC Pool to assist you with building something practical and beautiful.

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