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When you need to transform your home, we can help

When you need to transform your home, we can help

Buying or building a home is easily one of the biggest financial commitments anyone will ever make in their lifetime. But more than that, the task can be a bit daunting when you choose to build or renovate your home to suit your personal style. However, this can be quite an exciting time if you plan adequately to ensure that you tick all the boxes to putting your personal touches on your home. After all, you get to live in it so it’s very important for you to absolutely love it.

First thing first, you’ll need to have realistic timelines
Building or renovating a home will take time, so be prepared and proactive with things like making temporary accommodation arrangements to avoid frustration. You need to come to terms with the fact that things won’t happen overnight, and that’s ok. Take it one step at a time, enjoy the journey and watch your dream home come to life.

Get expert advice
Before starting this journey, it pays to contact multiple contractors, compare costs and seek advice from those in the business (like your real estate agent) to ascertain who the best contractors are to work with. Hiring the right contractors can be a determining factor when it comes to the success of the project. Make sure you do your research and talk to several experts before making a final decision.

Be intentional with your design ideas
This is easily the most fun part of building or renovating your home. You get to choose everything from the colour of the paint to finishes on your kitchen cabinets. Get inspiration from browsing home decorating magazines, interior decorating websites, and even attending open houses. Narrow down the design specifications that suit your vision for your home, draw up a budget and more importantly, stick to it.

Plan for potential disruptions
Annoying as disruptions can be, unfortunately you can expect them with every project, whether small or big so when it happens to you, don’t be caught off guard. Ensure that you are prepared for everything that might derail your plan by always being on top of things. Don’t leave anything to chance or to the builders or the interior decorator, always make sure you are aware and aligned with everything and everyone that’s working towards building your dream home.

Work out the cost and secure a building loan
The FNB Building Loan is perfect for anyone who’s planning to build or renovate their home. Our Building Loan allows you to build the home of your dreams without the drama of having to convert your loan afterwards. This happens automatically and ensures you get the home you want and the peace of mind that comes with it.

What you need to qualify for FNB’s Building Loan

Client information required
  • Contract (Deed of sale/Offer to purchase)
  • Title Deed (if applicable)
  • ID or valid passport
  • Work permit/permanent residence for foreign nationals
  • Marriage certificate (if married)
  • ANC contract (if applicable)
  • Final divorce order (if applicable)

Financial information required
  • Government Subsidy Booklet or
  • Qualification letter from employer
  • Latest payslip/6 months’ payslips if salary varies monthly
  • 6 months’ payslips for commission earners
  • Balance sheets of all applicants (if married COP, jointly and if married ANC, separately)
  • Income and expenditure of all
  • 6 months’ bank statements if salary is not paid to an FNB Namibia account

Building documents required
  • Approved building plans
  • Specified building quotations
  • Schedule of finishes
  • Building agreement
  • Bill of quantities
  • All-risk policy
  • Tender documents
  • Waiver of builder’s lien

For more information, please call: 061 – 299 2222 or visit www.fnbnambia.com.na

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